11 September 2023

Trashigang Dzongkhag observed 11 September as Waste Marathon Day.

On this third day of joyous occasion of birth of Gyalsem, the Dzongkhag staff, Regional & Corporate Offices and business community collected waste from four different directions as below.

  1. Kheri team led by RBP Officer Commanding,
  2. Melphey team led by Dzongrab.
  3. District Court team led by Drangpon, and
  4. Dzong team led by Dzongdag .

A weighing team of five members were formed that was stationed at Kedling Guest house. A whopping 814.75Kgs of waste was collected mostly comprised of plastic. Melphey team with over 243kgs topped the collection and is destined to win suitable prize during the National Day.

Dzongkhag Administration declared 11 September as Waste Marathon Day and shall observe annually.

Such an initiative although small, is hopeful to ingrain sense of collective responsibility in waste prevention and management in the long run.