The first step towards the creation of ministry of finance took place during the 16th session of the national Assembly held on 9th July 1961. It was established as Gyaltse Kha Lowa with four members namely one representative of His majesty the king and one representative each from cabinet, public and monk body. Dasho Chogyal was appointed as TSILON (Ministry minister) during 28th session of the national Assembly on 20th May, 1968.


Steer and sustain a robust economy through a dynamic fiscal and strong culture of fiscal discipline.


To formulate and implement dynamic fiscal policies and sound financial management through maximization of resource generation, efficient allocation, prudent expenditure, debt management and proper accountability of public resources.

Sl. No                        Type of Services

1                                Preparation of salary

2                                Monthly remittance

3                                Passing of construction bills

4                                Passing of miscellaneous bills

5                                Passing of TADA

6                                Forwarding of supplier cheques

7                                Issuing of LPC

8                                Signing of loan documents

9                                Issuing of pay slip

10                              Updating of new employees in the payroll

11                              Updating of loan and other deduction in the payroll

12                              Issuing of TDS and PIT certificates

13                              Deposit works

14                              Supplementary budget requisition

15                              Re-appropriation of budget

16                              Fund Transfer

17                              RAA follow up

18                              Revenue services