WamrongDrungkhag Administration is situated almost midway between SamgdrupJongkhar to Trashigangprimary eastern National High Way. Its located at 98kmpoint from SamdrupJongkhar and 82 km from Trashigang.  It has a total area of 252.989 Sqkmthat is from Mukazorin the south to Khenthongmani in the north east of Drungkag.

Drungkhagcovers two most populous and largest gewogs in the country namely;Khaling and Lumanggewogseach consisting of 6 chiwogs with a total population of 12,310 and 1338 households. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the people of both gewogs and its predominantly a subsistence farming.  The youth led integrated commercial agriculture project under the auspices of Office of the GyalpoiZimpon (OGZ) was launched on the 29th July 2018 on 13 acres of land at Kheri under Lumanggewog   and its under progress which is being undertaken by 11-membered youth group as of date.

Drungkhag enjoys 100% mobile network connectivity, 99% grid line electricity coverage ,98 % RWSS coverage. The Reserbo hospital, Khaling BHU I and Lumang BHU II, cater the basic primary health care services to people of this Drungkhag.

There are 12 Schools under the Drungkhag comprising of two Higher Secondary Schools, one Lower Secondary and 9 Primary Schools. The total strength of the civil servants working under the Dzongkhag as of 30 April 2019 is 358 excluding Engineers temporarily posted to Drungkhag by Dzongkhag Administration on two yearly term rotational basis in addition to those posted directly under the gewogs. 

The two satellite towns under the Drungkhag that is Khaling and Wamrong towns offer range of basic facilities and services such as food, lodge and consumable items including liquor and few hardware items to the needs of commuters and local populations.

The other public service centres such as financial institutions (BOB, BNB, BDBL, RICBL), BoD, Bhutan Post, Bhutan TeleCom, T-Cell branch offices are located in Wamrong town although there are some extended facilities of some of these in Khaling as well.

On decentralization front, Drungkhag is granted full autonomy in operating the LC accounts which is limited to drawing and disbursing of recurrent budgets only while capital activities under its jurisdiction is being executed in the form of deposit works as and when delegated by the Dzongkhag.