A self-reliant Dzongkhag that pursues equitable and sustainable socio- economic development in harmony with the society and environment.


1. To deliver efficient and effective public services.

2. To provide quality infrastructure to facilitate equitable socio-economic development.

3. To protect natural resources of the Dzongkhag.

4. Preserve and promote religious and cultural heritages to strengthen national identity and community vitality.

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Dorji Khandu
Environment Officer
Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC):

The DEC is designated as a Competent Authority at Dzongkhag Level as per section 43 of the National Environment Protection Act 2007.

Duties and Powers of DEC:

  1. Issuance of Environmental clearance for projects listed under the competence of Dzongkhag as per EA Act 2000 and its Regulation.
  2. Review of non-listed projects prior to forwarding to NECS or any other relevant competent authority.
  3. Compliance monitoring of the conditions of the environmental clearance and taking necessary action for non-compliance.
  4. Gathering and forwarding environmental information on regular basis to the NECS.
  5. Monitoring the quality of the environment.

Members of DEC:

  1. Dasho Dzongdag        Chairman
  2. Planning Officer          Member
  3. Dzongkhag Engineer          Member
  4. Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer         Member
  5. Dzongkhag Forestry Officer         Member
  6. Land Record Officer         Member
  7. Environment Officer          Member Secretary

The DEC also has the authority to monitor waste management in Dzongkhag communities. The Dungpa, Gup, Mangmi and Administrative Heads of the institutions have the responsibility for day to day implementations of Waste Prevention and Management Act of Bhutan 2009 & Its Regulation 2012.

Dzongkhag Water Management Committee (DWMC)

The section 30 of The Water Act of Bhutan, 2011 and section 19 of water regulation identifies Dzongkhag Environment Committee (DEC) as DWMC with an additional member to be included (if required) for effective enforcement.

Functions of the DWMC:

  1. Provide technical determination on the issues of water volume, water sufficiency at source and the carrying capacity of infrastructures at the source for proposed additional water users.
  2. Assists Water User Associations in determining whether an existing water supply system is sufficient at source for proposed new or expanded water users.
  3. Determine and issue technical opinion for local authorities on water related issues
  4. Provide technical advice to the Dzongkhag Administration for planning of drinking and irrigation water.

Members of DWMC:

  1. Dasho Dzongdag         Chairman
  2. Planning Officer          Member
  3. Dzongkhag Engineer        Member
  4. Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer        Member
  5. Dzongkhag Forestry Officer         Member
  6. Land Record Officer          Member
  7. Dzongkhag Health Officer          Member
  8. Environment Officer         Member Secretary
Environmental FoRMS
  1. IEE-Form-farm Road   
  2. IEE-Form-for- Highway and Feeder Roads   
  3. IEE-Form-for-Approach Roads   
  4. IEE-Form-for-Forestry-Activities   
  5. IEE-Form-for-General   
  6. IEE-Form-for-Hydropower-Projects   
  7. IEE-Form-for-Industry   
  8. IEE-Form-for-Mining-Quarrying   
  9. IEE-Form-for-Power-Transmission-Lines   
  10. IEE-Form-for-Roads   
  11. IEE-Form-for-Tourism-Activities   
  12. Time Limit for EC-TAT
  13. Services of Environment Section
  14. Projects Exempted from EC
  15. List of Projects Requiring EC from competent authority
  16. IEE-Form-For-Cottage and Small Scale
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