A self-reliant Dzongkhag that pursues equitable and sustainable socio- economic development in harmony with the society and environment.


1. To deliver efficient and effective public services.

2. To provide quality infrastructure to facilitate equitable socio-economic development.

3. To protect natural resources of the Dzongkhag.

4. Preserve and promote religious and cultural heritages to strengthen national identity and community vitality.

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Dorji Rinchen
Tashi Wangdi
Dorji Dema
Data Assistant

The vision of the Department of Civil Registration and Census(DCRC) is to become an efficient and effective organization delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality to the people of Bhutan.

  1. To have a complete and accurate database of all citizens ans special Residence Permit (SRP) holders in the system.
  2. To enhance and simplify the citizenship identity card,SRP and other nationality document issuance system.
  3. To improve and deliver services through the use of Information Technology.
  4. To maintain and generate complete demographic data through an automated System.
  1. To achieve 100% birth enumeration in the census record.
  2. To minimize census drop-out case
  3. To authenticate census record with correct information.
Customer Care Services
  • Primed to respond to the needs of the general public by providing prompt and reliable services with friendly approach to all customers.
  1. Execute the plans, policies and directive.
  2. Assist Dzongdag in all citizenship and census matters.
  3. Co-ordinate between the Dzongkhag and the headquarters on census and citizenship matters.
  4. Draw up and conduct annual census work plan regarding up-dation of birth and deaths in the gewogs
  5. Process and verify the applications for citizenship identity cards,special resident cards, name change, age correction.
  6. Process and update census separation/transfer cases
  7. Distribute citizenship and special residence identity cards in the Dzongkhag.
  8. Conduct census as per the guidelines of headquarters.
  9. Process and verify naturalization of citizenship.
  10. Process, verify and regularization of census drop out and citizenship matters.

Census realated forms
  1. Form for the Birth Registration
  2. Inter Dzongkhag Census Transfer Form
  3. Within Dzongkhag Census Transfer Form
  4. Census Transfer Within Gewog Form
  5. change of citizen individual information and details of spouse form
  6. First time CID
  7. Death Reporting form
  8. Birth Information
  9. CID and SRP Lost form
  10. Name change and age correction form
  11. Service Application Form (BCRS-SAF-01)
  12. Census Regularization
  13. CID and SRP Replacement and occupation change form
  14. Statement of Death
  15. HoH_change Form
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