A self-reliant Dzongkhag that pursues equitable and sustainable socio- economic development in harmony with the society and environment.


1. To deliver efficient and effective public services.

2. To provide quality infrastructure to facilitate equitable socio-economic development.

3. To protect natural resources of the Dzongkhag.

4. Preserve and promote religious and cultural heritages to strengthen national identity and community vitality.

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Letter of Intent for Award of work, Posted 12/10/2017
SBD for Maintenance of Boys and Girls Hostel at Bidung LSS, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Construction of retaining wall at Langphu Bridge under Kangpar geowg, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Maintenance of Drainage and Plinth protection at Dungtse CS, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Major maintenance of classroom, hostels, staff quarter and construction of toilet at Thungkhar LSS, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Major maintenance of water supply at Kangpara Lower Secondary School, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Renovation of irrigation channel at Chongthi under Kangpar gewog, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Maintenance of Staff Quarter, Fencing and Compound Lighting at Bikhar BHU, Posted 22/09/2017
SBD for Const. of Retaining Wall at Trashigang MSS, Posted 21/09/2017
SBD for Major Maintenance of School Building at Joenkhar CPS, Posted 21/09/2017
SBD for Construction of 2 unit staff quarters, reserboo, Posted 08/09/2017
SBD for construction of Court yard n Lama Zimchung Maintenance Drupkhang, Posted 08/09/2017
SBD for Development of Assembly Ground WLSS. Posted 08/09/2017
SBD for Water Supply Maintenance THSS. Posted 08/09/2017
SBD for Renovation of Gewog Meeting Hall in Yangneer, Posted 07/09/2017
SBD for Construction of Guest House at Yonphula Lhakhang under Kanglung Gewog, Posted 07/09/2017
SBD for Construction of Godhi Menchuu, Posted 07/09/2017
SBD for Construction of Retaining Wall at Radhi RNR-EC, Posted 07/09/2017
SBD for the Monsoon Restoration Works for the Mangthong farm road under Kanglung Gewog, Posted 04/09/2017




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The 8 major villages are Uzorong, Jomtshang, Benshing, Cheya, Mankhar, Gengkhar, Bepam and Dangrong. The landscape of Uzorong can be described as steep sloping land with limited flat land on the lower part of the geog i.e. on the bank of Dangme chhu. This limited flat land provides an area for wetland cultivation. Uzorong is relatively a large geog having an area of 102.1sq. km and located to the south west of Trashigang Dzong . It has borders with Kanglung, Khaling of Trashigang Dzongkhag, Shumar amd Nanong geogs of Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag and Dremetse, Chaskhar and Thangrong geogs of Mongar Dzongkhag. Dangme chhu flowing on the northwest border and Jeeri chhu flowing on the southeast border demarcate the geog from other Dzongkhags.
  • Area(Km2) : 102.1
  • Name of the Gup:Tenzin Tshewang
  • Contact Number:17646097
  • Name of the GAO: On long Term Studies
  • Contact Number: Nil
  • No of Villages:10
  • Nos of HouseHolds:552
  • Total Population: 3800
  • Educational Institutes:
    1. Uzorong LSS
    2. Cheya PS
    3. Benshingmo PS
    4. Jomtshang PS
    5. Gyenkhar ECR
  • Health Facilities:
    1. Uzorong BHU
    2. Menkhar ORC
    3. Benshingmo ORC
    4. Baypam ORC
    5. Gyenkhar ORC
    6. Jomtshang ORC
    7. Cheya ORC
  • Accessibility to Road:
    1. Khengdongmani-Gewog center Farm Raod(27 kms) -Completed(2006-2007 FY)
    2. Barkazor- Baypam Farm Road(5 kms)-completed(2010)
    3. Baypam-Gyenkhar(10 kms)-On going (5kms completed,2010-2011FY)
    4. Gewog center-Lamzang(10 kms)-Yet to start(2010-2011 FY)
  • Accessibility to Electricity:YES
Physical and Financial progress of 11 Five Year Plan
  • Progress for the 2013-2014 FY
  • Progress for the 2014-2015 FY
  • Progress for the 2015-2016 FY
  • Cumulative Progress for three years(2013-2016 FY)
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    Pema Namgay,Gaydrung POST VACANT,GAO Karma Tenzin,Forest Narayan Subba,Agricultre Norbu Wangchuk,Livestock
    17568271 GAO, Contact no 17615720 17321296 17461070
    Pema Wangdra, Chiya Tshogpa Drukdra Dorji, Jomtshang-Benshingmo Tshogpa Deki Choden,HA
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