A self-reliant Dzongkhag that pursues equitable and sustainable socio- economic development in harmony with the society and environment.


1. To deliver efficient and effective public services.

2. To provide quality infrastructure to facilitate equitable socio-economic development.

3. To protect natural resources of the Dzongkhag.

4. Preserve and promote religious and cultural heritages to strengthen national identity and community vitality.

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Standard Bidding Documents for Maintenance of drains at Rangjung Town, Posted on 20/3/2018
Tender Documents for Supply and Installations of Networking Equipment in 15 RNR Centers under Trashigang Dzongkhag, Posted on 25/2/2018
Tender Documents for Const. of Farm Shop at Bartsham Gewog, Posted on 27/1/2018
Standard Design for Const. of Farm Shop at Bartsham Gewog, Posted on 29/1/2018
Tender Documents for Merak Lhakhang, Posted on 9/1/2018
Tender Documents for Gengo Lhakhang, Posted on 9/1/2018
Letter of Intent for Award of work, Posted 17/11/2017
SBD for Construction Choekhang at Wamrong Zangdogpelri, Posted 17/11/2017
SBD for Construction Sewerage Line at Wamrong, Posted 17/11/2017
SBD for Maintenance of Farm Road under Radhi Geog, Posted 17/11/2017
SBD for Renovation of Farm Road under Shongphu Geog, Posted 17/11/2017
SBD for Construction RWSS at Pam, Posted 7/11/2017
SBD for Breast Wall, RNR-EC, Shongphu, Posted 7/11/2017
SBD for Renovation of Phongmey BHU, Posted 7/11/2017
SBD for Construction of 50 cu.m RCC Water Tank at Wamrong Dungkhag, Posted 20/10/2017
SBD for the Construction of Gate & Maintenance of Gewog Office at Khaling, Posted 20/10/2017
Letter of Intent for Award of work, Posted 19/10/2017
Letter of Intent for Award of work, Posted 12/10/2017
SBD for Maintenance of Boys and Girls Hostel at Bidung LSS, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for Major maintenance of classroom, hostels, staff quarter and construction of toilet at Thungkhar LSS, Posted 26/09/2017
SBD for construction of Court yard n Lama Zimchung Maintenance Drupkhang, Posted 08/09/2017




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Radhi is located some 30 km east of Trashigang Dzongkhag on a north facing slope. It is partly a dry Chirpine belt in its lower part and the upper part is covered with a cool broadleaf forest. It is drained mainly by two small rivers systems, namely Chongdiri in the east and Yudiri in the west. It covers 29 square km within an altitude ranging from 1,080 masl to 3,220 masl. The monthly average temperature varies between 12 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius and the average annual rainfall is1,353 mm and is a part of the Gamrichu watershed. (Meteorology Section, DOP).

The Gewog is surrounded by??the pastoral dominated Gewog of Merak in the south-east and mixed pastoral and arable farming in the Phongmey and Shongphu Gewogs in the east and west respectively. The small commercial town of Rangjung is in the south-west of the Gewog. It is famous for its rice and Radhi-Buray textiles. The main agricultural crops that are grown by people of Radhi are paddy, maize, soyabean, potatoes and vegetables, which are mostly used for household consumption except for rice which is mostly sold.

Radhi is a relatively small geog, it has 21 villages viz Tsangkhar, Dekiling, Dungsam, Radhi Pangthang, Khudumpang, Jonlapam, Jonla Tsatse, Tangthrang, Bongman, Chema, Melongkhar, Tsamang, Tonglingpam, Khatoe, Kadam, Drung Gonpa, Langteng, Tokshingmang,Naktshang, Phajogonpa, Langteng Sotshong with 758 households and total population of 5437.

The gewog has total number of 8 Lhakhangs and a Nunnery Institution. 6 of them are public owned and 2 of them are owned by private Kuenzang Theckcho Choden Nunnery Institute was established by Dungzin Garab Rinpoche in the year 1991 . It is located at Khardung village under Radhi Gewog. Presently the institute has 105 nuns, 2 Khempos, 4 teachers and a Lama making offerings and residing in the institute. They make offering and perform rituals for the well being of the people and sustaining harmony, peace and prosperity in the country and the king.

Namdrol Choling Lhakhang was established in the year 1908 by the initiative of Dronyer Ugyen Dorji and labour contribution from the people of Tshangkhar and Bongman villages. Before the Lhakhang is benefiting two villages but now the Lhakhang is spiritually benefiting seven villages via Tshangkhar, Melongkhar, Bongman, Chema, Radhi Pangthang, Dekiling and Langteng. They perform different celebrations and ceremonies on special occasions in this Lhakhang, by contributing labour and financial assistance from the people of the benefited villages.

Gewog at Glance
GupJigme Namgyel
Gewog Administrative OfficerSonam Dorji
MangmiPema Wangchuk
GaydrungRinchen Wangdi
Total Civil Servants66
Gewog Area 29 sq km
No. of Households 645
No. of villages21
No. of Chiwogs05
GYT member08
Health (BHU) 01
Sub-Post Office Agent01
SchoolsCPS-3, MSS-1
Total NFE Centers06
No. of Chortens95
No. of Lhakhangs13
Nunnery Institution01
No. of Shops19
Accessibility to Electricity100%
Accessibility to RoadYes
Highest Altitude3220mts
Lowest Altitude1080mts
Information Source:Gewog Administrative Officer,Radhi

Physical and Financial progress of 11 Five Year Plan

  • Progress for the 2013-2014 FY
  • Progress for the 2014-2015 FY
  • Progress for the 2015-2016 FY
  • Comulative Progress for three years(2013-2016 FY)
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