A self-reliant Dzongkhag that pursues equitable and sustainable socio- economic development in harmony with the society and environment.


1. To deliver efficient and effective public services.

2. To provide quality infrastructure to facilitate equitable socio-economic development.

3. To protect natural resources of the Dzongkhag.

4. Preserve and promote religious and cultural heritages to strengthen national identity and community vitality.

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Tender Documents 2016-2017

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Intra-Dzongkhag Badminton Tournment

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Announcement of shortlisted candidates for Matron and Warden

The Trashigang  Dzongkhag HR section is pleased to announce the 126 shortlisted candidates (63 girls & 63 boys) for the post of Warden and Matron for Trashigang and Trashiyagtse Dzongkhag. The shortlisted candidates are asked to report to Dzongkhag Administration for selection interview along with original documents as per the following details:

To view the details, Please see the  announcement column at the right panel.

1.Venue: Dzongkhag Livestock Sector Office (Conference Hall)

2. Date: 9 & 10 February, 2017
3. Reporting time: 9am
4. Selection interview for Warden will conduct on February 9, 2017
5. Selection interview for Matron will conduct on February 10, 2017

For any enquires please call or message to following call numbers:

1. 117469838

2. 117506931

3. 117930786

4. 117922365

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Cancellation of Tender

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